Saturday, September 24, 2011

Ella Bootcamp: Extracting Inspiration

Lisa Dickinson ROCKS! I love her style. She was our drill intructor for the day.  In this video,  we learned to "extract" inspiration from different sources, like magazines, advertisements ect.....

I received a big stack of junkmail yesterday. Fortunately, there was a postcard for carpet cleaning that spoke to me! LOL

 It had a cool, cream/woodgrain color combination that I thought was pretty. This page about my youngest, Christian is what I came up with.  (BTW, I used a picture that I altered from Maggie Holmes PS3 drill)

This is a technique that I know I will use again in the future.


  1. beautiful LO! Love the spray mist on the kraft! great pic!

  2. Awesome inspiration you have here! Is this an online bootcamp? How does this work for kids? see also blog about teen bootcamp.