Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Project Life Insert

     Here is a fun little insert I did about my youngest. He says the most outrageous things sometimes and I "think" I want to remember them? LOL

I used a baseball card page protector. I printed out a 4x6 picture, then cut it to fit into the sleeves.
I love filling the little pockets. I have had (hoarded) this Crate paper pack (Toy Box Collection) for awhile.  It was great to actually USE it. What a concept!

     Sorry for the glare. It is a rainy dark day, so I had to shoot inside with the flash on. 

     The beauty of Project Life, is that you can use it anyway you want to. This was kind of a quiet week for our family, so I did not really have enough for a full 2 page spread for the week. So I got the idea to document Christian's crazy mouth!  : )

     I am thinking I will probably do this throughout the year. Highlight each of the kids with their own page. Maybe what they are watching, listening to, favorite clothes, food ect....

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Project Life, Week 2 (Jan. 8-15)

This week was a little faster to put together than week 1. I imagine that it gets easier each week. You get your process down, get used to pulling out and USING your stash, picture selection goes quicker, ect..... 

(Sorry about the picture quality. I could not get a good shot today)

My twin girls (17) are obsessed with Instagram. TJ, did a little self-timer photo shoot for her profile. She is so cool. No silly camera phone, bathroom picture for her! Yay! LOL 

I thought my littlest boys were the only ones left to give me scrap-worthy, funny quotes. Alyssa,(the other twin) makes me laugh everyday. I am so happy to be doing this project, because this little conversation we had, may have never made it into a traditional layout. LOVE project life!!

I am having such a good time doing this, and loving all the support and inspiration that is out there. 

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Just because they are cute

Oh my goodness. Four quarters were played and I think the final score was 8-6. LOL
Too cute.

Blurry picture, but I love it.  My two are the 3rd from the left and the last one. Yeah, the boys who are clasping their hands together like little old ladies. LOL
Love them so much.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Project Life, Week 1 (Jan. 1-8)

There are some seriously BEAUTIFUL Project Life pages out there.  Just hop on Twitter or Pinterest and do a search for Project Life and be prepared to get blown away. I am just gonna concentrate on getting my album DONE. LOL!
Again, I am not doing a picture everyday. Mine will be more of an overview of our week.

My album is 8.5x11, so the page protectors I found have a little pocket on the side (approx. 2x4) that will
be perfect for fun little labels.

 As you can see, I am not going for DT level creations here! LOL, Just for "gitten er done"!

I am loving this so far. This is exactly what I want. To capture the little moments that would not make it onto a full-size layout.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Reason #565

Reason #565 why I love this guy. Football games ALL OVER the t.v., and this is how he chooses to spend his time.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

She Has a Great Eye

I read books, stalk websites, and practice, practice, practice taking pictures. Then lament over my underwhelming results. My 17 year old, Alyssa, just picks up the camera, lines it up, and snaps away:

I love how she does not overthink, compare or second guess herself. She just takes pictures of what she likes. I could learn a thing or two from her.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Project Life

Here is the title page for my Project Life album for 2012. I am so excited to begin. I have recently lost a bit of my scrapbook "mojo" and I hope this will help jumpstart it. I had gotten into the rut of scrapping the big events, ie. birthdays, vacations ect.... I have missed alot of our little, everyday stories.

I am keeping this very loose and NOT doing a 365 project. I will tell the stories and details of our week. I look forward to USING my scrap supplies, and trying techniques on a 4x6 canvas. And most importantly, remembering the small details that make up this wonderful life.

I scrapbook to document; which in turn leads me to examine how I live my life. Here is to a new year for our family told in pictures and stories.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Okay, So My Resolution This Year is......

To, PERHAPS blog on a somewhat consistent basis! LOL

Ok, here goes nothing. It is going to be all about Project Life for me this year. For the past few months or so, traditional scrapbook layouts have left me feeling uninspired. I love looking at and collecting little bits of life and looking at the, overall, big picture of my life. The old adage, that life speeds up the older you get is so true. Whenever I document my life, it seems to slow it down a bit and gives me a chance to examine it, mull it over, absorb it and appreciate it more. I am so very blessed in this life of mine.

Here is to capturing it consistently in 2012!

I have decided to do my album in the 8.5x11 size. I am not going to do the traditional "picture a day" format. I am going with the flow so to speak! LOL I plan to capture a week at a time with whatever pictures I get and do lots of journaling and lots of collecting bits of life. Receipts, notes, school papers ect...I know whenever I stumble across childhood treasures I look for things like that. (How much did my Cher doll cost anyway?)

I am excited for a brand new year stretched out before me and all the wonderful possibilities it holds, I am excited for new projects, ideas, books to read, trips to take, new foods to try, watching my babies grow. I love it all and cannot wait to dive in!