Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Color Me Scrappy

I am once again linking up with the fun challenge blog, This month, we were given another beautiful color pallette to work with.

This layout showcases my  twin "baby" girls, TJ and Alyssa. I pulled this picture from TJ's Instagram account. My girls are such natural photographers. It takes me forever to line up a shot, set my settings, ect...They just whip out the camera and snap away.

I find it difficult to get pictures of them as much as I used to. At 17, they are just not at home very often. School, activities, jobs and of course, hanging out at the mall, take up alot of their time!  But they have Facebook and Instagram accounts. I pull pictures of them from those sites all the time to scrapbook. I don't stress too much about pixels, image quality and all that. I just love getting a peak into their lives. 

This layout came together so quickly. Once I started, it took me only 35 minutes from start to finish. The colors were so easy  to work with,(and my 2 pretty subjects didn't hurt either! lol)

Thanks so much for looking!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Wordless Wednesday

All-Star game yesterday. He is such a good dad. Doesn't miss practice or a game.  Love them so much.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Didja know about this?!

I am a LOVER of podcasts. Driving, doing housework, and exercising always seems to pass by a little quicker if I am listening to a favorite podcast. I like a wide variety, Dave Ramsey, MacLife, and I may or may not have at one time downloaded a "Twilight" fan podcast....shhh....don't tell anyone! 

My top 2 favorites for scrapbooking (yes, there are shows for scrapping!) are, "The Paperclipping Rountable" (they have more traditional paper-based discussions), and "The Digi Show" (marketed for digital-scrappers, but really, the topics are perfect for almost all scrappers). 

Now there is a new show to add to my iTunes library, "This Memory Keepers Life". This is a wonderful podcast that features regular, non-celebrity scrapbookers. I immediately downloading the first 5 and listened to everyone of them. Love it!

So if you are as obsessed with scrapbooking as I am, here is another outlet for our passion! Hope you enjoy!