Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Didja know about this?!

I am a LOVER of podcasts. Driving, doing housework, and exercising always seems to pass by a little quicker if I am listening to a favorite podcast. I like a wide variety, Dave Ramsey, MacLife, and I may or may not have at one time downloaded a "Twilight" fan podcast....shhh....don't tell anyone! 

My top 2 favorites for scrapbooking (yes, there are shows for scrapping!) are, "The Paperclipping Rountable" (they have more traditional paper-based discussions), and "The Digi Show" (marketed for digital-scrappers, but really, the topics are perfect for almost all scrappers). 

Now there is a new show to add to my iTunes library, "This Memory Keepers Life". This is a wonderful podcast that features regular, non-celebrity scrapbookers. I immediately downloading the first 5 and listened to everyone of them. Love it!

So if you are as obsessed with scrapbooking as I am, here is another outlet for our passion! Hope you enjoy!

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