Sunday, January 1, 2012

Okay, So My Resolution This Year is......

To, PERHAPS blog on a somewhat consistent basis! LOL

Ok, here goes nothing. It is going to be all about Project Life for me this year. For the past few months or so, traditional scrapbook layouts have left me feeling uninspired. I love looking at and collecting little bits of life and looking at the, overall, big picture of my life. The old adage, that life speeds up the older you get is so true. Whenever I document my life, it seems to slow it down a bit and gives me a chance to examine it, mull it over, absorb it and appreciate it more. I am so very blessed in this life of mine.

Here is to capturing it consistently in 2012!

I have decided to do my album in the 8.5x11 size. I am not going to do the traditional "picture a day" format. I am going with the flow so to speak! LOL I plan to capture a week at a time with whatever pictures I get and do lots of journaling and lots of collecting bits of life. Receipts, notes, school papers ect...I know whenever I stumble across childhood treasures I look for things like that. (How much did my Cher doll cost anyway?)

I am excited for a brand new year stretched out before me and all the wonderful possibilities it holds, I am excited for new projects, ideas, books to read, trips to take, new foods to try, watching my babies grow. I love it all and cannot wait to dive in!

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