Monday, August 27, 2012

"Buh-Bye Summer!"

There are no tears today. They. Gotta. Get. Out.!!!! LOL

It has been a long, hot summer. I am ready for routine! And I am sure they are ready for me to quit yelling:

 "Get up, it is 1 o'clock in the afternoon!"

 "7 hours of playing Minecraft is ENOUGH!"

"No, (insert random neighborhood kid name here) _______,  can NOT spend the night again!"

"If you can't think of some way to not be bored, then you can go clean something!"

Yeah, summer......its been real...but I think fall is definately my favorite time of the year! LOL

Bye, guys.....mommy loves you. She really does! (now, where did I put that Margarita machine?)


  1. Laughing because my son is OBSESSED with Minecraft! :)
    Love how you had them each hold a sign with their current grade.
    I think I will have a drink with you.
    Both of mine started back today, too!

  2. Hope it was a wonderful, stressfree first day for all. Great idea for photos. Our schools start this coming Wednesday.

  3. Haha! Congrats on having your kids in school. Mine start next week, ROUTINE! YAY!!

  4. Haha! Enjoy! My only baby has college orientation on Wednesday.