Monday, April 1, 2013

The Pursuit of a Family Easter Picture

Yesterday was a beautiful celebration of our Savior. I was one happy mommy to have all my babies under one roof. 

Our church has a tradition for families to take pictures in front of a beautifully decorated cross after Easter services. Well, after a long day in Sunday school, and waiting in line to actually take pictures, Riley (our Silent Princess) was not feeling it! She had a seat on the ground. LOL! We ended up with this:

Not acceptable! So we head out and I yell at everyone to NOT CHANGE CLOTHES when we get home! We must try again. (um....I am slightly obsessive about my pictures!) I set up the tripod in our front yard and Riley decides she is not interested in a photoshoot and she runs away, so no Riley-Roo in this picture.

This time, Brendon bribes her with some Gummy snacks and he gets her to sit on his lap for a few seconds. Yay!! Our family Easter portrait is done! LOL....Only took yelling, running and a little bribery to get 'er done!

The grave is empty.....He is not here. He is Risen! Praise the Lord for His many blessings.

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