Friday, April 27, 2012

Thursday: Pictures and Words

Since I have consistently been keeping up with my Project Life album, (just not keeping up with blogging it!) I didn't find it necessary to participate in Ali's Week in the Life. But I did like the idea of delving deeply into one day. So, yesterday was the day! 

I stumbled out of bed at 6:50am for coffee, and to make my boys lunches. I usually make a salad for my big girls the night before. The high school starts at 7:15am, so they are up and gone by 6:30am, and I ain't waking up that early! lol

After everyone is off to school, it is breakfast time for me. Well....if you can call chalk breakfast! Oh well, that's what you eat when you have given birth to seven children and you have the metabolism of a slug!
After I eat, I go start my housework. I begin in the little boys room. I usually require them to make their own beds, but we were running behind this morning, so I do it for them.
Then to the kitchen where I do dishes, sweep and take out chicken to thaw for dinner. Start a load of laundry, fold and put away a load, vacuum living room, straighten up our room, and make our bed.
By now, it is 9:45am, so I go get dressed. Since I have errands to run, where I might see people I know, I put on makeup. lol 
Groceries, post office, car business, then off for a special treat.
Pedicure!!! While I like getting my toes pretty, what I LOVE is that massage chair. Bliss!!

Home, where I pay some attention to this cutie pie. Then before you know it, kiddos come home.

Evidence that they are all home. Am I the only mom who YELLS thru out the house to "Come throw your trash away!!"  Why is that so hard?!  : )

I look down and discover he has been wearing these all day! Oh, what his teachers must think of me! LOL

Everyone is allowed to watch a show on TV. Then, homework, then I kick em outside while I finish up dinner.

A quick dinner, then we are off to Sam's baseball game, (my hubby helps to coach) then Justin's drum lesson. The big girls stay home to do their hair. (that is a 2-3 hour process. Condition, blow dry, is hard being a girl!!) The whole family is home by 9pm. Everyone finally gets in bed by 10:30pm.

It was fun to capture our day more in-depth. I took a TON more pictures, but pared them down into a manageble amount for this post. I plan on doing a multi-page insert to slip into Project Life, or maybe a mini-album to document this wonderful, ordinary day. (oh, the Simple Stories album would be cute, or even Heidi's new Memory Files!) 

Check out Ali's blog for more info on "Day in the Life". Fun stuff! 


  1. You sure do sound like super mom!!! As a 25 year old with no children yet it is great to have a glimpse into a life with a mother of 7! TFS =)

  2. The photo with two socks has me cracking up!!
    And I can barely keep up with two some days, so you have my complete admiration :)

    We have a similar afternoon after school. One tv show, homework, and out to play if the weather cooperates :)

  3. Wow! 7 kids? Look at you go, super mommy! I would be a hot mess, lol. I only have one and barely find time to put on make up. :D

    1. Oh, trust me Christina, I am a HOT Mess! LOL

  4. Great peek at your life!

    Mismatched socks are totally the STYLE. You're just On-Trend!

  5. oh, how fun is this!?!? Loved the peek at your day. I <3 large families!!!!